Worst and Best places to Smoke Marijuana


Let’s be honest, we all fantasize about escaping to that hidden tropical beach with snow white sand and emerald blue ocean at our feet, while relaxing with some Banana Kush. Its the perfect smoking paradise. At least you would want to believe so. But before you get carried away with your cannabis heaven fantasies, take a minute to think about the social context within that specific state or country. Some places in the world lead you to believe that they are pro cannabis destinations, but in all actuality you will want to avoid some of these areas if you are looking to freely enjoy the herbal fruits of nature. With that said, there still are some GREAT places around the world to enjoy some Pineapple Express. Here are some of the Worst and Best places to smoke marijuana around the world.

3. Little Rock, Arkansas


Even with this being Bill Clinton’s hometown and being the first American president admitting to smoking marijuana, Bill’s town is definitely far from a cannabis paradise. Hopefully this doesn’t come as a shock, as number one, it is Arkansas for god sake. In Octoboer 2010 High Times magazine said this city has the lowest quality pot in the entire country. Don’t forget about their lovely jails, because you will be spending some time here if caught smoking. A traditionally conservative state generally yeilds this kind of behavior. But come on, it’s Arkansas, do you really want to go there anyway?


2. Singapore


Vacationers from around the world tend to flock to this city because of its vibrant night life and “Sin City” appeal. Yet don’t be fooled, marijuana is not only socially unacceptable in the eyes of the government, but the laws are some of the toughest in the world. Getting caught with a single joint in Singapore can lead to a jail sentence up to four years. If you accidently or purposefully import any cannabis, you can be put in prison for between five and 15 years. One famous case involved an Australian named Schapelle Corby, who ended up with 20 years in jail, skipping off on a possible sentence of death by firing squad. This is probably the only time 20 years in an Indonesian jail could be considered “lucky.” So…maybe plan your trip somewhere else.

1. Malaysia


This place is a trap. The beaches, laid back lifestyle,  and warm breezes lead you to believe this is a haven for marijuana smokers. But behind this all is an extremely strict marijuana policy, and they make sure to enforce it to the fullest. Possession of even a small amount of cannabis can land you in jail for up to five years , and carries a fine of up to $6,500. The laws here are more or less medieval, as if you are caught selling the plant, you realistically are looking at capital punishment. Avoid this country like the plague if you plan to involve your trip with cannabis.

Now that we got all the depressing stuff out of the way, lets rejoice with some of the places in the world that celebrate this wonderful plant!

1. Hawaii County, Hawaii


This is one of the tropical areas where cannabis grows as freely as the beautiful women on the Island. Anyone over 21 can privately grow and possess up to 24 ounces. It also helps that the climate is ideal for growing amazing  marijuana. Hawaii is world renown for growing some top of the line marijuana strains. You may want to try some of that Maui Wowie or Pineapple Express, compliments of the local Islanders.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands


We all know of Amsterdam. Coffee Shops. Great marijuana. Funky city. This all makes for a very cannabis friendly experience. Nothing more needs to be said.




3. Tel Aviv, Israel


Mary Jane fever runs pretty high in this Israeli city. People here have been fighting to get marijuana legalized for a long time. But they do have the next best thing to legalized marijuana – medical marijuana. Even here, fake prescriptions and generous doses help the good stuff circulate in this Middle-Eastern heaven!

4. Denver, Colorado.


This may be a little biased, but come on, how awesome is it to say we are the first state in the United States to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Also our city just held the first ever Cannabis Cup in the United States. Denver also is a city full of progressive forward thinking individuals, which make a great environment to enjoy your favorite strain. The outdoors, fantastic music culture, and constant sunshine help bring in the good vibes all year round.

If you have other ideas for good or bad places to smoke around the world, comment below with your suggestions. Also remember, we are open at 8am 7 days a week!

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